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Blue Billabong Solar Pool Cover 400 micron

Clark Rubber Blue Billabong Solar Pool Cover 400 micron

A solar pool cover is a valuable accessory on your pool that helps you to maintain the pool and to assist in the reduction of energy and water consumption.

When you use a pool cover, you'll save water, reduce chemical consumption and make it easier to keep your pool clean. Solar covers also have the added benefit of heating your pool too.

The cover floats on top of the water (bubble side down) and allows solar energy to pass through, in turn trapping and retaining the heat in your pool.

With its ability to maintain and increase the temperature of the pool, having a Blue Billabong solar cover means you can start your swimming season earlier and it can go for longer, to maximise the use of your pool.

Made in Australia, this 400 micron Blue Billabong solar cover has an attractive deep blue colour and is made from a durable, UV stabilised LDPE to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions and your pool environment. This cover is made from category 4 LDPE which is also fully recyclable.

Blue Billabong uses the heat from the sun to warm your pool by up to 8 degrees C and it has been independently tested and proven to stop up to 99.84% of water loss caused by evaporation; so the this solar cover can save thousands of litres of water.

By minimising water evaporation, it means you will also minimise your need to top up the pool with more chemicals and so chemical consumption will be greatly reduced. In fact with the pool cover over the pool, we recommend that automatic salt water chlorine chlorinators are turned down by 50% to avoid over-chlorination and chemical damage.

For its thermal insulation properties and its ability to minimise evaporation, Blue Billabong is Climate Care Certified, WaterWise and Smart Approved WaterMark licensed, making it compliant in every Australian state and Territory.

If leaves and garden debris are a nuisance, you can elect to trim your Blue Billabong pool cover a little larger to run up the sides of your pool to create a bowl effect, to help keep leaves out of the water.

Drought support for Aussie farmers - For every Blue Billabong solar cover sold, our manufacturer ABGAL donates the funds to purchase 40L of water to an Australian farmer in need, via the charity Drought

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