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AstralPool Halo Chlor Connect System - Salt Water Chlorinator

AstralPool Halo Connect System - Salt Water Chlorinator

All pools require sanitiser, and for decades salt water chlorination has been the most popular choice for sanitisation in Australian pools.

The Halo Chlor Salt Water Chlorinator is AstralPool’s latest and most advance residential salt water chlorinator and sets a new standard for automatic chlorination, with hi-tech connectivity and control.

The Halo Chlor is the latest model in a wide range of salt water chlorinators from AstralPool. It is an advanced system that uses WiFi to provide control anywhere and anytime, and is unique for its expandability of other features via Bluetooth.

The AstralPool Halo Connect System seamlessly connects and automates multiple devices, including everything from your chlorinator to a heater, a waterfall, additional pumps and much more.

This means the Halo Connect can be configured at once, or over time, to meet the control needs of your pool and your lifestyle.

Halo Chlor Salt Water Chlorinator:

Outputs available:



• Australian Made

• Large intuitive colour touch screen display

• Self-cleaning cell

• Recommended salt level 4000ppm

• 4 timers / 2 light timers

• WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

• Add multiple devices to control a range of products, to suit your needs

• AI (Artificial Intelligence) Mode (with compatible Viron pool pump, sensors and acid doser)

Halo Doser with Bluetooth pH and ORP (Chlorine) Sensors:

(SKU 52168 – Halo Acid Doser + pH Sensor Probe)

(SKU 52169 - Halo Acid Doser + pH & ORP Sensor Probes)

The addition of pool acid is a typical exercise with a swimming pool, however the Halo Connect system can take away the hassle of manually managing it yourself.

A Halo Doser can be paired with the Halo Chlor to provide timed, automatic dispensing of pool acid to help control the pH levels in your pool. For more sophisticated automation, the Halo Doser, can be paired with a Bluetooth pH sensor that will accurately monitor the actual pH levels in the pool and communicate with the Halo Doser to automatically dispense pool acid when necessary.

An ORP (Chlorine) sensor can also be connected to the Halo Chlor via Bluetooth to provide monitoring of the sanitiser levels in the pool and automation of chlorine output.

Halo Hub:

(SKU 52165)

The Halo Hub is a smart expansion module that connects to the Halo Chlor to offer easy pool automation.

The Hub is an ideal upgrade to Halo Chlor, to allow for greater control of your pool equipment.

Features & Connections:

• 2 x 240V power outlets (max 9.5A combined),

• 4 x valve actuator relays

• Heater input relay (For Gas, Heat Pump or Solar heating)

• Water and Air Temperature sensors

Halo Xpand:

(SKU 52166)

The Xpand module an easy plug-in device that allows your pool equipment pad to be controlled simply and remotely through the Halo Chlor App.

It is ideal for powering an additional pump or spa blowers and can be configured as a solar controller.

Features & Connections:

• 2 x 240V power outlets (max 9.

Width 14.0000mm
Height 29.0000mm
Depth 29.0000mm
Weight 1.0000kg

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